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Anglo-American Desk

More than 50 per cent of the clients of our law firm are international clients - multinational companies, foreign investors, individuals doing business in or through Lithuania. English is our first foreign business language.

Some of our lawyers have both English law degree (e.g. from the University of Cambridge) and experience of working for international law firms. We understand the differences between common law and continental law, and are able to explain the risks when parties agree that their contractual arrangements are governed by the English laws.  Where necessary, we guide our clients who conclude contracts in English, choose English law as the governing law and liaise in getting the English law advice on specific issues. Also, we possess vast experience dealing with top notch English and American law firms while negotiating contractual documentation on behalf of our local clients.  

Finally, we work as local Lithuanian legal advisors in managing complex international disputes covering more than one jurisdiction and other high-profile international cases before the courts of England. We assist in collecting evidence and present expertise on various aspects of Lithuanian law.


  • Advising multinational corporations on various daily issues of doing business in Lithuania or through Lithuania;
  • Advice on enforceability of contracts governed by the English laws, enforcement of foreign court judgments and arbitration awards in Lithuania; 
  • Incorporation, reorganization and winding up foreign subsidiaries, preparation of corporate documentation in English;
  • Acting for English-speaking clients in the court proceedings and arbitration; 
  • Investigation of fraudulent management of Lithuanian companies, advising foreign investors on opening criminal proceedings against managers of Lithuanian companies;
  • Advising English speaking clients on applicable tax laws in Lithuania; 
  • Advising English speaking companies on debt recovery and bankruptcy proceedings in Lithuania;
  • Advising local companies with regards to the dispute resolution in common law countries, liaising with London and New York city law firms;
  • Advising English-speaking private clients on immigration, work permits, and residency permits in Lithuania, advice on the EU blue card;
  • Assistance to English speaking clients in criminal proceedings in Lithuania.

International experience


  • Assisting local clients on various aircraft finance transactions (aircraft sale purchase, aircraft hire purchase, leasing, aircraft management, and related transactional documentation) that were governed by the English law. The aggregate value of transactions is more than US$500,000,000
  • Supporting a local Lithuanian client (in cooperation with English solicitors and barristers) in the court proceedings in the London Commercial Court (sub-division of the Queen's Bench Divisions of the High Court of Justice)
  • Acting as Lithuanian law experts in criminal and civil proceedings in the courts of England
  • Regularly issuing legal opinions for foreign companies regarding validity and enforceability of commercial contracts governed by the English law in Lithuania 
  • More...

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