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Licensing of a Crowdfunding Platform Operator

Our law firm help clients obtain a licence of crowdfunding platform. Our insight helps us to understand our client’s needs and it helps us to shape our client’s business strategy. We are able to offer full services, because we have a lot of experience in licencing process and we work closely with state authorities. In particular we:

Knowledge & Insights

Crowdfunding platform is becoming an increasingly popular tool for attracting funds around the world. Generally, banks are not able to finance all business because of huge requirements. Crowdfunding platform is an alternative way to find investors all around the world and also it helps to get a large group of people to invest in business ideas. Recently, the new Lithuanian law on crowdfunding came into power, making Lithuania one of the few jurisdictions in Europe having modern, clear and transparent crowdfunding regulation. 

Licensing process

There are requirements for participants of a crowdfunding platform’s operator. The  crowdfunding platform operator must be domiciled either in the Republic of Lithuania or in the other EU member state. The crowdfunding platform operator who is willing to become one, need to fill an application to the supervisory authority for inclusion in the public list of crowdfunding platform operators. The crowdfunding platform operator should submit the following:

In order to obtain a crowdfunding platform operator licence, a company must hold no less than EUR 40 000 of equity capital.


The regulator enters a decision regarding inclusion in the list (it means licensing) within 30 business days.

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