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Employment and Freelancing

We work with a range of clients on local and cross–border employment issues. Most employers need professional legal advice in relation to local labour laws. We have experience in assessing risks and opportunities arising from changing labour law legislation, providing strategic employment law advice to top management, and ensuring that staff policies comply with labour law regulations of the Republic of Lithuania and meet employees’ concerns.

We regularly deal with employment law issues, such as employment contracts, recruitment, drafting of employment contract clauses for senior managers, structuring their incentive schemes, dealing with employees’ misconduct and penalties, employee transfers and other workforce restructuring, health and safety at work, proper formalisation of contractual terminations, and protection of trade secrets. Finally, we represent our clients in disputes on a full range of labour and employment law matters in the Republic of Lithuania.

Areas of expertise

  • Drafting of internal regulations relating to the organisation of work in a company
  • Health and safety at work, work- related accidents and claims to the employer
  • Stock option plans, golden parachute arrangements,
  • Advice on the removal of company managers
  • Non-compete agreements, non-solicitation of customers and suppliers and employees
  • Advice on foreign employees, immigration, handing of application procedures
  • Secondment of employees, outward and inward secondment
  • Labour misconduct and penalties, warning procedures
  • Disputes regarding the termination of employment contracts, severance agreements

Šulija Partners Law Firm Vilnius, registered office Jogailos street 11, Vilnius, LT-01116, Lithuania, fax +370 52051926, e-mail:

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