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We advise on licensing of trademarks, patents, software and other objects of industrial or intellectual property. In particular, we advise on the following matters and help our clients with following transactional documentation: 

Knowledge & Insights

Licensing is not regulated by the Lithuanian Civil Code, but certain relevant provisions are set out in special laws. For example, the special laws on patent, trademarks, copyright and related rights have some references to the licensing of this industrial and intellectual property.

Trademarks or patents license agreements can be registered at the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania. It is still necessary for a licensee to register patents licensing agreement at the State Patent Bureau so that to invoke the granted rights against third persons in Lithuania. In practical significance is that in case the relevant patent is sold to a third person, the licensee may invoke the granted rights against a new owner only if the patent licensing agreement was registered. 

The regulation was similar with regards to trademarks for a long time, but the duty to register trademark license agreement was lifted as of 1 June 2013. This means that trademark license agreement may, but must not be registered.  

For the purposes of registration of patents and trademarks the following details must be submitted to the State Patent Bureau (the exact list must be checked with the legislation standing as applicable on the date of submitting the application):

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