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Corporate responsibility

We believe in corporate social responsibility and contribute to the administration of justice. We maintain the highest ethical standards and treat fairly our clients, their counterparties, staff and other lawyers. We believe that independent and ethical advice will generate the best outcome for our clients. 

In addition, we make contributions by providing a pro bono legal advice to individuals who cannot afford a legal advice or adjust legal fees for them so that our service becomes affordable. We also offer legal advice to people on their rights, and advise charities and other NGOs. We do not distinguish pro-bono clients and paying clients in terms of quality of legal work. 

We give presentations on a permanent basis at public events, contribute to articles and other academic books (published by OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, PETER LANG, etc.) and participate in conferences and seminars, and deliver speeches on relevant legal issues. We have confidence to challenge the existing legal system, and offer new legal solutions aimed at increasing transparency and the rule of law in the country. We believe that transparency and an effective legal system is essential for larger investments in the Republic of Lithuania. 

For further information about our pro bono projects and corporate responsibility, please contact us at

Šulija Partners Law Firm Vilnius, registered office Jogailos street 4, 3rd floor, Vilnius, LT-01116, Lithuania, fax +370 52051926, e-mail:

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