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Corporate Criminal Litigation

Any commercial activity includes a number legal, commercial and other risks. We advise companies and individuals on how to avoid becoming unwittingly involved in criminal activity. This concerns, for example, licensed commercial activity, tax optimization plans, compliance with court orders and other public restraints, gifts in private arrangements, etc.

On the other hand, we represent a number of foreign victims who suffered from fraud acquiring goods and services in Lithuania, using e-commerce platforms, bitcoins as well as regarding many other new forms of criminal activity. In many cases, the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities tend to argue that the economic wrongdoing should be resolved in the civil proceedings, and for this reasons the requests to open criminal investigations are often declined. It is therefore important to do some substantial legal work, collect and submit evidence in order to revert the presumption of civil relations.

Finally, we often help foreign lawyers and their clients, who are interested in searching and seizing assets of Lithuanian nationals, opening criminal investigations and bringing offenders to justice.

Areas of expertise

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