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General litigation services

We offer a full scope of litigation services starting from designing litigation strategies, applying for interim measures, drafting claims, defenses, counterclaims and other submissions to the court, assistance in collection of evidence to be used in court proceedings, representing clients in all types of court proceedings in Lithuania. Also, we offer an extrajudicial assistance in legal disputes. Where necessary, we help our clients in enforcing national and international judgments and arbitral awards. We represent clients in the following disputes:

Knowledge & Insights

International litigation 

We specialize in managing the disputes that have an international element. In numerous cases, we have assisted foreign companies that pursued a legal action in Lithuania or helped local clients who were engaged in dispute resolution proceedings in foreign countries. We acted as a local Lithuanian legal advisor in managing complex international disputes covering more than one jurisdiction and other high-profile international cases before the courts of England and other foreign judicial authorities. Among other things, we assisted our clients in collecting evidence or presenting expertise about the Lithuanian law or fulfilling other legal assignments of our clients. We provide an advice on selection of the most appropriate forum or arbitration for a particular case and advise on arbitration or forum selection clauses.  

National litigation

Among other things, we are helping national clients or subsidiaries of foreign multinational companies in managing national litigation proceedings. It is worthy to note that the Lithuanian legal system does not provide for mandatory disclosure proceedings. This means that collection of valuable evidence is often a challenge when parties litigate in Lithuania. A successful outcome of the case often depends whether a client was successful in collecting and providing prima facie evidence. Lithuanian courts are entitled to grant individual disclosure orders and so enable parties collecting evidence and we are persistent in doing this while acting on behalf of our clients. Generally, the Lithuanian legal system provides for different forms of legal action, and we advise our clients on the most cost and result effective ways to pursue or defend a claim, as the case may be. In case a dispute is not complicated, clients may consider taking advantage of summary proceedings.

Litigation costs in Lithuania

The Lithuanian civil procedural laws set out that the losing party shall pay the costs of the winning party, except for the cases when the court decides that only a part of legal costs has to be reimbursed. Lithuanian courts normally follow the Recommendations approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the Fees Awarded in Civil Cases for the Legal Assistance (Services) of Advocate or Advocate‘s Assistant. This resolution sets up the maximum amounts of the fees to be reimbursed for the legal work in contentious matters and those fees are generally below the market fees of experienced commercial litigators. In certain cases, the court may order a party to pay the costs which should be reimbursed to witnesses, experts, expert institutions, translators, as well as expenses related to procuring a local inspection. 

The amounts of court fees are subject to quarterly indexations. In case of the ordinary court proceedings the court fees shall be calculated as follows:

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