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20 Dec 2020

The United Kingdom's agreement to withdraw from the European Union entered into force in 1st February 2020. Until the end of 2020 was a transitional period during which the effects of Brexit were not yet felt. However, from 1st January 2021 many changes affecting people and businesses will take effect.

30 December 2020 an agreement on trade and cooperation was signed between EU representatives and Britain. The 1246-page document sets out a number of provisions and rules defining a new regime between EU countries and the UK.

UK and EU citizens will not have the right to move freely between the two countries, to work and live without restrictions. The free movement of persons, goods, services and capital has come to an end.

Significant changes that will take effect from the new year 2021:

  • Changes in tourism. EU and UK citizens crossing the border will have to comply with immigration rules. When traveling in the UK or EU, you will only be able to spend the scheduled period. UK citizens will need to obtain an animal health certificate and vaccinations when traveling with their pet, as the EU pet passport will no longer be valid.
  • UK citizens face restrictions in finding employment in EU countries. Authorizations for freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services will no longer be valid between the two countries. In order to work in another country, it will be important that the professional qualification is recognized in another country.
  • Many restrictions on trade come into force - all shipments will have to pass compliance checks and controls on imported goods. UK residents will have to pay customs duties, value added tax and other taxes when they purchase goods in EU countries. Customs declarations will be required for consignments to the EU. Restrictions on trade in alcohol and tobacco from the UK - setting limits.
  • New rules in the fields of transport and aviation. From 2021 January 1 In the EU, air transport licenses issued by the UK are no longer valid. Changes in transport and logistics include the entry into force of border formalities and controls and compliance checks.

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